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We can offer you an extensive array of language services. We prefer to consult you in person to establish which are best for you. For individual solutions that fit your requirements. Our focus at all times is on delivering the best quality and providing an exclusive service.

“[...] to learn to read and understand a German newspaper is a thing which must always remain an impossibility to a foreigner.”

Mark Twain

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We convey spoken texts from a source language into the desired target language, e. g. at international conferences or ceremonial events. We consult with you to select the type of interpreting required and assemble a full, multilingual team of experienced, competent interpreters, as required.


We convey written texts and materials from a source language into the desired target language, e.g. for websites, contracts, opinions, brochures or meeting documents. We have invested in establishing good contacts with skilled partners. This enables us to provide coverage of many different languages and fields of expertise.


We check the punctuation, spelling and grammar in your texts (proofreading) as well as the style and wording (editing).

Anything else?

We can offer comprehensive support with a raft of supplementary services. We have skilled partners for this purpose, who share our quality ethos. All of which enables you to just lean back and relax.

Conference technology

On request we can handle the technical aspects for interpreting, such as simultaneous interpretation booths, microphones and headsets.

Our partner meta-fusion GmbH can also offer bespoke products and applications on request to webcast your event and handle the multimedia editing of event content.

Do you have any questions regarding specific services or fees or would you like to receive a non-binding quote? Please contact us! We will gladly assist you.