Are you the best? We are too.

Would you like to communicate professionally and smoothly with your international partners across the linguistic divide? Do you want your message to be put together stylishly and understood everywhere? As interpreting and translation experts, we are by your side to advise you and offer you top-level bespoke language services. We ensure that what you have to say hits the target every time.

Your excellent work has once again shown us how important it is to entrust translating to professional hands. We feel you have catered for us very well and look forward to working with you in the future.

Andreas Neumann, Management Consultant

More than (just) words

We see interpreting and translating as more than just a pure vocabulary exercise. We are masters of our linguistic craft. This drives us to find more than just the satisfactory, no-frills way for you to express yourself: understanding you is as important to us as understanding your content. Because it is only by doing this that we can offer you the exclusive all-round customer support that our clients appreciate so much.

Our network: excellent, experienced and flexible

We are a network* of freelance translators and interpreters. Together we have many years’ experience and comprehensive expertise in all manner of subjects and with all kinds of content, along with an acute awareness of your needs. This is how we can respond to your requests flexibly and offer you the exact service you require. And we do this in many languages and fields of expertise. The quality can be seen in every word.

We look forward to working with you!

* good terms is not a company under civil law (GbR) or any other form of company. Please consult the legal notice for more information.